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Style #OAKH24445

Style #OAKH24445

SKU: 20190922-24445

Product Description: OAKH2445


  • An amazing design makes the perfect pillow!
  • This pillow is finished with a solid creme back panel.
  • This pillow will look good alone on a chair or nestled among other pillows on a chair, bed or sofa.
  • Handmade
  • Cotton viscose blend
  • Color: black / white


  • Care Instructions

    We Arden Timothy Hill recommend that pillow should not be washed.    Hand wash only. The process may take 1-2 days to let pillow         completely dry.

    Remove spills immediately. Blot any liquid with a clean un-dyed cloth or    paper napkin.

    Colors may fade slightly when placed in areas of direct sunlight. It is           advisable to periodically rotate you pillow to ensure this process is even.

    Light vacuum clean regularly.

    Please do not pull loose ends, trim with scissors. Do not soak it in any       liquid.

    Keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, open fireplaces excess         moisture.

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